History of Ottawa Signs

Ray Neon Signs Inc. is a perfect example of how you can take something small and make it into something big. Read more about our success story below.
The company was created in 1947 by Ray Davidson and Ted LeBrun when they started creating signs from components they salvaged from scrap yards. Bringing anything they could use back to their make-shift workshop in Ray’s basement, they built custom neon signs and displayed them around their homes and gifted them to friends and family.

The duo soon started getting custom requests from friends and as demand for their work increased, they were required to expand their workshop, move away from their ‘scrap-yard supplier,’ and recruit extra members for their team.

Eventually, the demand for their signs grew and the team expanded beyond anything they had ever expected. Today, Ray Neon Signs is Ottawa’s biggest, most reliable, and well-known sign company and we’re happy to provide our customers with custom LED signs, outstanding customer service, and all of their signage needs.