If you’re in the sign trade and you’re in need of wholesale channel letters, you’ve come to the right place. Ray Neon Signs isn’t only tailored to small businesses or large corporations.

Save Hundreds in Labour Costs

Thanks to our top-of-the-line facility and our use of the latest technologies in the industry, we are able to produce channel letters in minutes… not hours! Whether you need them ready to assemble or ready to install, we will produce your channel letters to your exact specifications.

Ready to Install

If what you’re looking for is 100% complete channel letters that are ready to install, get your ladders and your drills ready! If you need your letters installed for you, our professional installers are fully equipped and standing by. Don’t forget to get a quote on a raceway if your project requires one.

Ready to Assemble

Trying to save time and labour on your custom signs? With our ready-to-assemble channel letters, the routing and bending is done for you. All you need to do is install the electronic wiring and LED lights.

Just the basics

We bend ‘em, you do the rest! We can help if you want to get a head start or are just trying to save time and effort on the hardest part of the project. We’ll bend the returns and even route the acrylic and the backing if you need us to, and then rest is up to you.


The sky is the limit when it comes to custom signs and channel letters. Choose from our extensive range of font styles, letter heights, and standard colours for both faces and returns or request a custom colour to suit your customer’s requirements.

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