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Storefront signs help contribute to your business and its role within the community.

Build Community and Influence with Storefront Signs

Storefront Signs Offer Businesses Advantages Beyond Advertising

By now, you’re probably aware of the many marketing benefits of upgrading storefront signs. But there are also other, lesser-known benefits that may surprise you. Storefront signs can influence an entire neighbourhood and community, growing brand recognition while also improving business. If you truly want to stand out and influence your neighbours, consider these unexpected advantages of upgrading your storefront sign.

Impress the Community

A well-designed storefront sign upgrade can certainly make an impression on those in your community. Your business may come to mind more easily with memorable signage, making for an excellent reference or ideal meeting place. Your signage may also impress community leaders in your city, including government leaders. After all, you are committed to improving the appearance of your building, which shows economic initiative. This could lead to further recognition with nominations for city-wide awards and grants—i.e. for renovations and remodeling your business and storefront. In turn, the city can give your business free publicity, resulting in further improving your brand recognition.

Increase Your Property Value

Curb appeal has a positive influence on property value. If you boost the curb appeal for your commercial property with a storefront sign upgrade, you will not only benefit from improving brand awareness in your community, but you will also increase the property value of your store. If you ever decide to sell your property, this higher value will certainly be worth it for the higher selling price.

Influence Consumer Decision-Making

Well-designed storefront signs can influence both conscious and subconscious consumer decision-making. Consciously, consumers may choose to enter your store on a whim, making this impulse decision just from seeing your sign once, or a few times, passing by. On the other hand, your sign may subconsciously influence passersby who notice your eye-catching sign on numerous occasions. This is similar to the subliminal messaging in advertisements that influences consumers subconsciously. Consumers may make the decision to visit your store on a conscious level, or a subconscious level, of brand recognition.

Stand Out for New Community Members

An upgraded sign will especially stand out for those new to your community, whether they have relocated to the area for work or have recently moved into the neighbourhood. A new sign can have a more profound impact on newcomers. When they see your brand-new sign amongst the other older, faded signs, your business will pop out upon their first glimpse of the neighbourhood.

With these surprising benefits, your business can really grow and have a positive influence on your community. The improved aesthetic appearance of your store alone will impress community members and boost curb appeal. But you can also have a positive impact on the neighbourhood’s economy—and your own sales—by sprucing up your storefront sign.

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