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Learn more about how LED sign lighting works with and for your business.

Why Your Business Needs LED Sign Lighting

A Look at the Many Advantages to Using LED Signs for Businesses

When it comes to investing in your business, attracting customers is a priority. And if you can do so while saving on costs, then you’ve hit the jackpot with your investment.

With today’s LED sign lighting technology, you can have the best of both worlds. These custom-designed signs are eye-catching and comparable in price to other illuminated signs. And they are also easy to use while saving you costs over time.

Here are several reasons why your business needs LED sign lighting.

Comparable Price

The price of LED signs is comparable to neon signs. But since LED lights don’t have tubes, they can come in smaller, thinner sizes. This can lead to lower shipping and installation costs. Also, their longer lifespan and energy-efficiency means lower replacement and operation costs.

Low Energy Use

LED signs use an average of 10 watts of power. This is up to 80% less energy used compared to neon signs. LED signs are the way to go to reduce energy consumption and costs and be more eco-friendly.

Added Safety

Unlike other lights, LED bulbs don’t use toxic gases and materials. LED lights are plastic, not glass, so they are not at risk of breaking easily and posing a health hazard.

They are also shockproof and do not emit heat, so there is no risk of hurting yourself on these types of signs. And also, unlike other lights, LED lights can be safely recycled.

Low Maintenance

LED bulbs can last 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This is three to six years longer than neon and fluorescent lights. LEDs do not have gases that will leak out and need refilling. Nor will they need replacement as often as other light bulbs.

LEDs are more resistant to the elements and easy to install. And since they don’t get hot, they are much easier to clean.

Long-Lasting Brightness

When other types of light bulbs lose gases, dim, and burn out, they cause signs to look unprofessional. But the lasting brightness of LEDs makes signs clearer, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing.

The bright clarity of LED signs allows customers to read them easily up close and from a distance, during the day and at night. So no matter the time of day, passersby can read your sign, see your logo, and know you’re open for business.

Ease of Use

You can control your LED sign easily with a remote control and a wireless modem. There are also sensors that will alert you if a component of the sign needs maintenance. Since LED signs are innovative sign technology, their ease-of-use meets the needs of today’s user.


When it comes to design, LED signs are extremely versatile. There are many colours, animations, and digital features to choose from. LED signs consist of individual bulbs. Each one can flash or illuminate based on sign programming. You can custom design these signs to suit your brand and logo.

If your storefront needs an update, consider these advantages to having an LED sign lighting the way for your customers.

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