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Why winter is a great opportunity for you to update your businesses' storefront signs.

Why Winter is a Good Time to Update Storefront Signs

Here’s Why Updating Your Storefront Signs Can Help Your Business This Winter

Canadian winters can be brutal for both shoppers and business owners. Once the holidays are over, consumers retreat, preferring to stay indoors during the colder months. And while shopping may pick up again near Winterlude and Valentine’s Day, your sales may slow down until then, especially if your inventory isn’t geared towards winter shopping. So, if you’re on the fence about updating your storefront signs and thinking about putting it off until the busy summer months, we’ve got good news: Winter is an amazing time to update your signs! Consider taking advantage of these benefits of updating your storefront signs during the slower winter months.

Increase Visibility

Even if your store has been around for years, a new storefront sign will catch the attention of passersby. Compared to old, dull, and damaged signs, a new sign will make your store more prominent, standing out from your neighbours.

Also, old signs in need of repairs and updating can send a bad message to potential customers. They may think you don’t care enough about your business or your customers to invest in improving your appearance.

An added bonus of this increased visibility is that you increase your brand awareness for both prospective customers and regulars, reminding them that you’re open for business.

Receive Feedback

Although you may have less customers during the slower winter months, you can take this opportunity to gain customer recognition and feedback on your new storefront sign. Fewer customers mean you will have more time to interact with each one, and you can ask them how they feel about your new sign. You can also gauge the effectiveness of your new sign by keeping an eye on the number of customers who come in.

If you receive any negative feedback, or you feel your new sign isn’t as effective as you had hoped, you will have plenty of time to make updates before the summer. And by getting the new sign up in winter, you won’t have to worry about interrupting business with sign renovations during the busier warmer seasons.

New Storefront Signs Can Boost Sales

While this benefit of new storefront signs can apply to your business year-round, it’s especially helpful in the slower winter months. The combination of improving your store visibility and attracting old and new customers can help your sales during this time when sales are typically lower. And once you’ve concluded that your new sign is effective, there’s a greater chance that you’ll experience an increase in sales throughout the year.

Winter can be a drag, but you can refresh your business during this cold and slow season with updated storefront signs. Make the most of the slow season with a new sign to attract customers, boost sales, and get your new sign installed before the busy warmer seasons.

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